Top Three Fitness Trackers to Go For

Top Three Fitness Trackers to Go For

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While fitness and health care may be your sole reason to work out, exercising without a trainer or keeping track of the workout time and level can prove be the basic element that may be causing zero results. With time, fitness trackers can be seen taking the place of trainers to an extent as they provide the exact calculation of how the workout is affecting your body.

Have you started wondering about the best fitness trackers, matching your unique needs to stay fit and healthy yet? It is time you invested in this.

Here is a study of the pros and cons and various features of the top three best trackers available in the market. Based on the maximum value for money, quality, reliability, and ease of use of these products, this research can prove to be quite helpful for fitness lovers.

Choosing the Perfect Fitness Tracker Encourages and Motivates Health Care

The values delivered by a good fitness tracker indicates your overall level of physiological strength and fitness, making it easier for you to choose between the best recommendations of exercise routines and diet plans that you need to opt for in the future.

Keeping in view on how active and dynamic your lifestyle is and your specific diet patterns, you can choose from the following three best fitness trackers to determine some astonishing insights into your health.

  • Fitbit Alta HR

World’s slimmest and most stylish fitness tracker featuring frequent heart rate monitoring, notifications, sophisticated health metrics to non-fitness types as well as advanced sleep examining technology, Fitbit now introduces Alta HR as a wonderful addition to the unit. Analyzing variations in heart rate during sleep, Fitbit can detect Deep, REM and light sleep, offering amazing  solutions to a good night’s sleep.

However, certain features like workout recording, Connected GPS, VO2 Max tracking and guided breathing are unfortunately not a part of its features, which are very essential for people looking for modest fitness targets. Focusing on personal well-being, Smart Track automatic exercise detection helps a great deal.

  • Garmin Vivosmart HR+

With an all-time high rating for fitness trackers, Garmin Vivismart HR+ offers unique healthcare tracking solutions with its top mix of outstanding attributes. With advanced GPS tracking, top class heart rate monitoring, sleep analyzing, notifications, water resistant quality and a weeklong battery life, Garmin is the perfect pick for you.

  • Fitbit Charge 2

Raising the bar with its Charge 2, Fitbit has received superb acclamation and approbation at the Wareable Tech Awards. Fitbit Charge 2 goes an extra mile by monitoring heart rate on a continuous basis including active as well as resting states while also rating VO2 Max. Another innovative feature includes advanced breathing training to reduce and eventually eliminate different levels of stress, contributing to its compact features as a complete health and wellness provider. Perfect for those who are looking for general well being, this device is increasingly gaining elevated scores and high recommendation as one of the strongest fitness trackers for active users.

However, some issues regarding screen responsiveness, flaky heart pace tracking during intense workouts and a complex interface contributes to some of its shortcomings.

Keeping in view the importance of an active and healthy life style, fitness trackers have definitely helped us in accomplishing the goals of acquiring a perfect physic with superb ease and convenience. These easy to wear devices have made a breakthrough success in the market by letting people keep a track of their bodies heath indicators throughout the day to have some idea of their internal well-being. This is important, because simply feeling healthy does not mean that one is actually fit and fine.